Loving My Pain Free Life
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Loving My Pain Free Life

My name is Melinda Johnson and I suffered with foot pain for many years. I went to see a podiatrist and after an examination, I was told that I had heel spur syndrome. I followed the recommendations of my doctor by doing at home treatments along with physical therapy. I was amazed at how much these treatments helped my foot pain. Living with pain can have a big impact on your life and that's why I started this blog. My foot pain kept me from doing many things that I enjoy and I want to help others who are going through the same situation. As you browse through my blog, you'll learn about home treatments, medical procedures and new advancements in medicine that can help reduce pain. It is my hope that by writing this blog, you can live pain free too.


Loving My Pain Free Life

  • What You Should Know Before Flying With An Oxygen Concentrator

    10 September 2015

    If you're on a portable oxygen concentrator and you're getting ready to travel by airplane, you should understand that your airline may require you to bring a statement from your physician in order to bring your concentrator on the plane. Some airlines have a specific form for your doctor to fill out. Others require a letter written on the doctor's formal letterhead. No matter what you need to provide, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Helping Your Child Equestrian "Pony Up" After Falling From A Horse

    2 June 2015

    Horseback riding is one of the most dangerous recreational activities for both children and adults. Each and every year, tens of thousands of equestrians are hospitalized in horse-related accidents. Most of these accidents are head injuries, which also account for about 60% of horse-related accidental deaths. With these risks in mind, should you prohibit your child from taking riding lessons? Absolutely not! Horseback riding is a rewarding activity that can teach your child responsibility, empathy, and goal-setting.

  • Volleyball And Ankle And Foot Injuries: What A Parent Should Know

    13 February 2015

    When your child tells you that they want to play sports, you may be apprehensive about the prospect. After all, many children who participate in sports sustain injuries at one point or another. However, when your child tells you that volleyball is their sport of choice, you breathe a little internal sigh of relief. You think to yourself that volleyball isn't a contact sport and will therefore be safer for your child to participate in.

  • Exfoliate Your Way To The Top: Using Continuing Education To Improve Your Skills As An Esthetician

    23 January 2015

    As an esthetician, your clients rely on you to keep them looking young and fresh. No esthetician should take this trust for granted, and it is important to continually learn new ways to help care for your clients' skin. Participating in continuing education courses can be beneficial, especially when it comes to learning about new products and techniques. Here are three things that a continuing education class can teach you about exfoliation:

  • 4 Common Ankle And Foot Problems That Require Medical Attention

    16 January 2015

    Foot and ankle problems can be more than a minor annoyance--when you're experiencing foot or ankle pain, it can greatly impede your mobility. There are a number of issues that can affect the ankles and feet, from sprains and fractures to skin problems and ingrown toenails. If you have any of the following problems, make sure to have you feet and ankles looked at by a podiatrist, like Advanced Foot & Ankle Center of Palatine.