Loving My Pain Free Life
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Loving My Pain Free Life

My name is Melinda Johnson and I suffered with foot pain for many years. I went to see a podiatrist and after an examination, I was told that I had heel spur syndrome. I followed the recommendations of my doctor by doing at home treatments along with physical therapy. I was amazed at how much these treatments helped my foot pain. Living with pain can have a big impact on your life and that's why I started this blog. My foot pain kept me from doing many things that I enjoy and I want to help others who are going through the same situation. As you browse through my blog, you'll learn about home treatments, medical procedures and new advancements in medicine that can help reduce pain. It is my hope that by writing this blog, you can live pain free too.


Loving My Pain Free Life

  • Find Out If Vision Therapy Could Help You

    30 January 2015

    Vision therapy is a unique, professionally supervised form of optometric exercises. Each vision therapy program is specially tailored to fit the patient's individual needs, but the principles remain the same: to train your eyes, brain, and body to work together efficiently. If you or your child has had eye problems, you'll know how much of a pain—emotionally and physically—finding a solution can be. Unlike glasses, which correct eye problems superficially, vision therapy works to redefine the way your eyes process vision.

  • Pregnancy Headaches: What You Should Know

    28 January 2015

    When you are pregnant, you can experience a myriad of symptoms that are surprising and frustrating for you to deal with. Among these are frequent and extremely painful headaches. Because you want to do this whole pregnancy thing right, you tend to avoid taking any over-the-counter medications if you can help it. This includes pain medications that could help treat and rid you of your headaches. Luckily, there are ways that you can handle your pregnancy headaches using methods that do not include the use of over-the-counter pain medications.

  • How To Ensure A Quick Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery

    26 January 2015

    If you're undergoing hip replacement surgery at a reputable clinic like Orthopaedic Associates of Muskegon, it's necessary for you to have the proper post-surgery recovery to realize the full benefits of this procedure. This means taking the right medication, participating in physical rehabilitation, and organizing your life around your new hip. Here are things you can do to make your post-surgery experience as smooth and healthy as possible. What to Expect After Surgery

  • Reversing The Hold Alcohol Has Over You

    20 January 2015

    If you have a problem with alcohol, you may feel powerless over it. However the truth is, just as you started the sequence of events that resulted in addiction, you can rewind and unbind yourself from the tyranny of its hold over you. How to Start an Addiction Since alcoholism is a mental and physical addiction, it has the same features as any other chemical addiction. Alcohol has substances in it that cause physical changes and sets off a whole cascade of reactions in your brain and the rest of your body.

  • Signs It Is Time To See The Doctor About Your Flu Symptoms

    14 January 2015

    There are a lot of people that will try to nurse themselves back to health without ever consulting the doctor. This is usually fine in a lot of circumstances but there does come a time, such as with the flu, that you need to seek professional medical advice. Take a moment to review the following signs that it is time to call for an appointment so you do not have to struggle in pain any longer than you have to.