Loving My Pain Free Life
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Loving My Pain Free Life

My name is Melinda Johnson and I suffered with foot pain for many years. I went to see a podiatrist and after an examination, I was told that I had heel spur syndrome. I followed the recommendations of my doctor by doing at home treatments along with physical therapy. I was amazed at how much these treatments helped my foot pain. Living with pain can have a big impact on your life and that's why I started this blog. My foot pain kept me from doing many things that I enjoy and I want to help others who are going through the same situation. As you browse through my blog, you'll learn about home treatments, medical procedures and new advancements in medicine that can help reduce pain. It is my hope that by writing this blog, you can live pain free too.


Loving My Pain Free Life

  • Information For Those Considering Cold Laser Therapy

    2 October 2020

    Cold laser therapy is a relatively new type of treatment procedure that many people may not realize can be used to address a variety of conditions. In order to be able to effectively determine whether this is a suitable solution for your conditions, a few key answers may need to be considered to help improve your understanding of this solution. What Are The Potential Benefits Of Cold Laser Therapy? Individuals will often be unsure as to the exact problems cold laser therapy can address or the benefits that it may provide.

  • Top Questions Answered About Stem Cell Therapy And Autoimmune Disorders

    26 August 2020

    Numerous diseases are referred to as "autoimmune disorders." With these disorders, the body's immune system begins attacking healthy tissue. There are some treatments that already exist to help fight this problem, but stem cell therapy might be able to serve as an alternative treatment.  Where Do Stem Cells Come From? Stem cells can come from your own fat tissue or can come from umbilical cord blood. The stem cells have anti-inflammatory properties.

  • 3 Major Benefits Of Healthcare Professionals Undergoing ACLS Training

    10 December 2019

    Cardiac arrest is one of the more serious health problems today. If you work as a healthcare professional, it's important to know how to respond to these events. That's where ACLS training can help. It will prepare you in the following ways. Remain Calm Under Duress Dealing with a client or patient that's in cardiac arrest can be a traumatic experience. However, it's important that you remain calm and follow the necessary protocol.

  • Dealing With Chronic Pain This Winter? How To Alleviate The Discomfort

    13 October 2019

    If you suffer from chronic pain, the winter months can be particularly difficult. Cold temperatures can increase the amount of pain you experience, especially where conditions such as arthritis are concerned. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of chronic pain you experience during the winter months. Here are just four of the methods you can use to alleviate the pain and discomfort you're experiencing this winter.

  • 3 Helpful Care Tips Worth Considering For Psoriatic Arthritis

    11 September 2019

    If you have psoriasis, your chances of getting psoriatic arthritis dramatically go up. This condition is characterized by a lot of things, such as stiffness and joint pain. If you're hoping to find relief for this condition in an effective manner, keep these care tips in mind.  Take Micro-Naps  One of the more common symptoms associated with psoriatic arthritis is physical fatigue. You may not be able to make it through the day without feeling tired, which can affect so many aspects of your personal and professional life.